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Pilates as an exercise form has exploded in popularity over recent years and the reasons for this are due to the fact that pilates sessions can be tailored to suit all individuals. As a result the instructor needs to be educated and highly skilled in varying the workouts to suit the needs of these different clients. Due to the expanding demand for pilates instructors the opportunity now exists to work full or part time as a pilates instructor in a health club setting, freelance as an instructor or working as support to a rehabiliation clinic. Working in these environments allows the instructor to gain respect from other professionals working with the same clients while the input from the pilates instructor is now seen a vital component of the health, fitness or rehabilitation program. It is also important to note that pilates instructors can command a higher level of income than their fitness instruction colleagues due to the level of skill required to teach pilates safely and effectively.

There are many reasons why a person would want to work in the fitness or rehabilitation area. Perhaps it is pursue a passion for physical activity, to help others reach their health and fitness goals or to make a career transition. Pilates is an in demand, high paying technique that requires almost constant trainer supervision resulting in the continued demand for the unique skills of the pilates instructor. Because pilates instruction is not physically demanding on the instructor the opportunity exists to teach more classess per week without feeling fatiqued or overtrained while also being able to earn higher fees per class and per week. In summary teaching pilates is a win-win situation for the pilates instructor and their clients.

If you are looking to start a new career or expand your surrent skills and client base STOTT PILATES® Education delivered by COMPLETE BODY MOVEMENT offers you the flexibility to choose the education path that best suits your goals. Different tracks are available from workshops to more intensive courses straight through to becoming a STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor. Whether you want to improve your current training repertoire, or move into new areas of expertise- the choice and intensity of the training are up to you. If you areb a fitness instructor, personal trainer or coach it is without question that you should equip yourself with the knowledge gained on the STOTT PILATES training programs. If you decide to complete the course you will dramatically improv your teaching, obseervation and correction skills bth in the class and gym environments.

Pilates has the power to change peoples lives in a profound way. We are committed to helping our students on the career path to deliver the best training and care for your clients. STOTT PILATES students receive support before, during and after their training because a connected community of instructors is a powerful force.

A Contemporary Approach with STOTT PILATES

After realising the benefits of the concepts of the original Pilates method and in collaboration with a team of physio and physical therapists, sports medicine and exercise professionals Lindsay and Moira Merrithew dissected and reconnected this unique form of exercise into a comprehensive, systematic, contemporary approach to the original teachings. Ongoing reserach and development results in the inclusion of current and proven principles of exercise science and rehabilitation, making STOTT PILATES the safest and most effective training method available. This clear and detailed approach forms the basis for all training and certification training programs, equipment design, workshops and innovative DVD programming. The STOTT PILATES method includes preparatory exercises and modifications that allow the technique to be appriopriate for many different body types and abilities making it applicable to sport-specific and post rehabilitative training, and everyday life. STOTT PILATES Instructors enjoy the fact that this contemporised form of exercise allows them to cater for a wide range of clients.

Quality Education

The high quality of education provided by STOTT PILATES begins with the quality of the education provider. Courses are taught by Certified STOTT PILATES Instructor Trainers, Lead Instructor Trainers and Master Instructor Trainers.
All of these trainers have:

  • Successfully completed STOTT PILATES Full Certification with a minimum of 90% on their certification exams.
  • 1000+ hours of teaching experience.
  • Have been invited to join the Instructor Trainer (IT) program and course in Toronto, Canada.
  • Completed co-teaching requirements prior to achieving Instructor Trainer status.

The STOTT PILATES education materials have become the industry benchmark for thoroughness and quality. They consist of a complete learning library of instructional manuals and videos in multiple languages that accompany each education program and every piece of equipment. Using these tools along with the ongoing support of the Instructor Trainers and on line community allows the instructors skills to be kept up to date

The vibrant community of STOTT PILATES Professionals is the largest with over 30,000 trained globally at over 100 Licensed Training Centres. STOTT PILATES Certified Instructors are an elite group of highly trained professionals who are actively sought for their superior pilates knowledge and skills.

Deciding to select STOTT PILATES as your training system will result in you being able to successfully care for and retain your clients. Each program covers the STOTT PILATES Five Basic Principles; effective communication and observation skills; verbal cueing and imagery for performance enhancement and client motivation; modifications for specific body types; postural issues and conditions; theory and practice of postural analysis; and exercise layering reated to effective program design.

Programs Available

The Extended STOTT PILATES Mat Instructor Course is geared towards students who wish to become a pilates instructor and who do not have any prior qualifications in the area of health, fitness or therapy. This course includes the essential and intermediate pilates content as well as a dedicated course of anatomy to ensure that this important aspect of the instructors knowledge is strong. The course is normally run over a four month period allowing students time to absorb the content and to complete the required practice

The Intensive Mat Course is for students who have completed a course in anatomy and movement or who are already fitness, therapy or movement professionals. This would include fitness instructors, personal trainers, physiotherapist and physical therapists, sports science graduates, massage therapists or dancers. The course assumes a knowledge of anatomy and is run over a period of five weeks approximately.

Courses are also available in equipment training including the reformer, cadillac, chair and barrel.


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